Always finish strong!


While the most stressful phases of this school year might be over, academia should not be put on the backburner before you are sure and happy about each and every grade. We still have three weeks to go. As one of these weeks is already reserved for your more sporty adventures, however, and we have another holiday coming up next week Рit comes down to 11 days before grading (including today).

So now is the time to think about your achievements in every subject and determine whether a particular one might still need your attention. Are there any unfinished projects? Should you ask anybody for an oral exam before the grading deadline (26th June)?

Blogwise, please make sure you have enough posts to get the grade you desire. Moreover, edit if necessary and keep in mind: all your texts should be up to par when it comes to grammar, spelling, content and digital requirements. Once you are satisfied, “hand in” your blog for grading by commenting on this post (preferably by the 18th of June).

There are two new assignments #23 & #24 on the assignment list for you to check out.



4 comments to Always finish strong!

  1. chickinator says:

    After having checked with our assignment list twice I hope I have not left out any task we had to do as well as that those I did find your satisfaction.

  2. freakx says:

    I have checked every blog entry of mine and I am satisfied with the result and therefore I would appreciate I you could have a look over our ”one year project”.

  3. alinakop says:

    Although one day too late, I finished my blog to my satisfaction and would like to hand it in now.
    Alina Kop

  4. tizi.x says:

    Soo I want to hand in my blog and hopefully it will be okayy

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