Second semester:

#1    an email about the weather/climate + picture          [by 3rd Mar.]

#2    an “About Me” page for the student blogging challenge          [by 8th Mar.]

#3    comment on 3 different blogs and link your comments to the Student Challenge 2017 post on 5owls          [by 12th Mar.]

#4    ABC of class community          [by 18th Mar.]

#5    create a page on quality comments          [by 19th Mar.]

#6    comment on 3 more blogs and link your comments to the Student Challenge 2017 post on 5owls          [by 19th Mar.]

#7    describe your worst case scenario and write/link to the first chapter of your story         [by 28th Mar.]

#8    do at least one student blogging activity with pictures          [by 31st Mar.]

#9    write/link to the second chapter of your story         [by 30th Mar.]

#10    write/link to the third & fourth chapter of your story         [by 5th Apr.]

#11    write/link to the final chapter(s) of your story         [by 9th Apr.]

#12    choose one of the latest student blogging challenge activities (week 4)         [by 9th Apr.]

#13     put your FCE practice essay online and revise it as necessary          [by 23rd Apr.]

#14    have a family member write a blog post about a topic of their choice          [by 23rd Apr.]

#15    write a blog post introducing your family          [by 23rd Apr.]

#16    publish your essay on watching movies         [by 27th Apr.]

#17    update your blog, answer all comments, have at least one student blogging activity per challenge week online and write and link comments to three more people from other schools          [by 5th Mar.]

#18    write a blog post about your digital footprint        [by 5th May]

#19    publish your answers to the first two parts of “The truth is a cave…”       [by 5th May]

#20    publish the edited text you wrote for your final exam        [by 10th May]

#21   publish a flagship text on either HISTORY, TRAVEL or INVENTIONS        [by 21st May]

#22   create a school bucket list: Which five things would you like to do/achieve before finishing school in 2020        [by 14th June]

#23   put together a post with links to your three best texts of the whole year; say why you are satisfied with them.        [by14th June]

#24   go through all assignments and make sure you have finished enough to get the grade you strive for.    [by18th June]


Remember: 1st Semester


First semester:

#1    an introduction/about me post          [by 7th Oct.]

#2    your 222 updated reading list as a page          [by 7th Oct.]

#3    comment on the 222 book post on 5 owls          [by 7th Oct.]

#4    a paragraph about paragraphing: version 1 & 2          [by 11th Oct.]

#5    picture-inspired text: version 1 & 2          [by 15th Oct.]

#6    write a drabble          [by 23rd Oct.]

#7    write a full book review           [by 23rd Dec.]

#8    write a review for a restaurant or café          [by 4th Nov.]

#9    edit and publish the text you wrote for the first test           [by 8th Nov.]

#10  write a review for a movie/play/game          [by 20th Nov.]

#11  write an essay regarding household chores in 140-190 words          [by 29th Nov.]

#12  write your path         [by 6th Dec.]

#13  write a review of Vienna English Theatre’s Hound of the Baskervilles          [by 9th Dec.]

#14  write an article about a leisure time activity you enjoy         [by 17th Dec.]

#15    edit and publish the text you wrote for the second test           [by 20th Jan.]

#optional:    publish the letter you wrote to either Griselle or young Heinrich’s friends           [by 31st Jan.]

#16    upload your piece of blackout poetry and comment on poems your classmates wrote           [by 31st Jan.]

#17    write an essay about a character/a trope/a plot device in at least two of your 222books           [by 5th Feb.]

#18    take part in the online survey regarding the blogging and 222book experience           [by 10th Feb.]


End of 1st Semester