Two more weeks to go…

…until the semester break! Time to finish the first semester with oomph!

Not only will this first period of the 5th form be finished in a short while, but also our first two class projects will be over:

  • the 222 book challenge

Have you finished the list and managed to fulfil all the genre requirements? Are you happy with your reading experience and the amount of reading you did? Do you have any ideas for a personal reading challenge for the second semester?

  • the first semester of class blogging

Have you completed all assignments? Which type of assignment did you like best? Are you satisfied with the comment system – yeah….probably not….well then: ideas on how to improve the amount of comments each blogger gets? Was writing online and editing/revising helpful to your process? Is there anything new you have learned for your own writing? Would you like to continue blogging?

What would you answer? – We’ll see. I will create an online survey on these topics and the English lessons in general – anonymously, of course – we can use as a tool of evaluation. With the results I hope to further improve our lessons in the future!


Let’s dip our toes into a little analysis!

As I have told you before, your last piece of writing will deal with an aspect of your 222 books experience. You already have some knowledge when it comes to literary theory and I would like to see how you use it for a final essay.

Image by @Rebezuniga

Your essay should be around 350 – 450w long and deal with either one of these tasks:

option 1: Identify a common theme (identity, friendship, love, survival, fear, …) used in at least two of the books you have chosen to read. Describe how the theme is presented throughout each book and by what means, and compare it to the other text(s). Finally, elaborate on whether or not the theme and its realisation appealed to you and give reasons.

option 2: Take some time to think about how your texts dealt with character development. Choose at least two characters, each one from a different text and compare their journey. How do the characters of your choice (not necessarily the main characters) change throughout the plot. Which aspects lead to these developments and how are the changes realised? Are the thoughts/feelings/actions of the characters understandable/believable and why – if at all – can the reader identify with them?

option 3: Compare at least two texts from the same genre with each other. First outline the literary genre (nonfiction included), then explain why each of the books you choose fit into the category and how the genre is realised. Include examples from the plot/characters/language to successfully prove your idea. Additionally look for any parts that do not adhere to genre gudelines or restrictions – could you deal with a hybrid? Finally elaborate on whether or not you enjoy texts of this genre and why.

 Please publish your essay on your blog until the 5th of Feburary at the latest.

Let the real work begin!

I am glad to see that everybody managed to start their own blog. Some of your designs look excellent!

By now you should have

  1. an introduction/about me post
  2. the 222 booklist as a page
  3. commented on the 222 book post on 5 owls
  4. found a layout that works for you

All of these four tasks must be completed by the end of Friday’s lesson (7th Oct.).



Please put your paragraph about writing paragraphs online now. Categorise it as academic writing before you publish it. Then read your blog buddies’ paragraphs and formulate a helpful comment that meets our commenting guidelines and criteria for good commenting. Should you receive a comment yourself, please answer it and use it to improve your paragraph by posting a second version beneath your initial post.

Use the remaining time to browse other 5c blogs, enhance your reading list or start working on your first review.