Student Blogging Challenge 2017

As promised, we’ll take part in the edublogs student challenge over the course of the next few weeks. As I have been under the weather for a bit recently, we are beginning the challenge a bit later than planned, so the sooner you get registered the better. Please follow the instructions on this page. For general information and additional input regarding first activities please click on the Student Blogging Challenge Logo underneath.

As a first activity please create an “About Me” page, so your readers can find out something about you. Remember, you do not have to take the classic route. Try to make it interesting and provide a little more detail than name, age and hobbies. Secondly, please create an avatar for your blogging persona (if you haven’t already). Finally check out some of the other students’ blogs and see if you find somebody who might be interesting to follow.

Best of luck and enjoy the experience!

86 comments to Student Blogging Challenge 2017

    • Forestdweller says:

      Almost perfect. Please don’t forget to leave a link of your blog, so the other person can check it out and ask a question whenever possible.

  1. freakx says:

    My first comment:

    Unfortunately I had to sign in with Google+ to post this comment because it was from WordPress

  2. nicicthegreat says:

    Unfortunately my comment cant be seen so I will screenshot it and show you on Tuesday.

  3. nicicthegreat says:

    And surprisingly my fifth comment isn’t visible and because me anticipating that scenario I again screenshoted my post plus will I show the image to you by chance.

  4. chickinator says:

    Here are the links to my second triplet of comments, but as I could’nt log myself in at the last comment I simply called myself Chickinator and hope that it’s clear to you which comment is mine:

  5. Miss W. says:

    Well done 5 Owls. Such great comments on a variety of blogs. Just a reminder your comment might not be visible until the teacher has moderated it for the student. That is why it is a good idea to copy the comment first and perhaps add it to a post about commenting on your blog.

    • Forestdweller says:

      Thank you for pointing this out and for taking the time. By now all settings should allow our students’ blogs to be found via search engines. There are no private settings whatsoever.

  6. Noah says:

    my first comment

  7. luci_dclxvi says:


  8. Noah says:

    more comments

  9. Noah says:


  10. _kerrin_ says:

    I have commented on these 6 Blogs:

    1.Comment on ida’s bucket list:

    2. Comment on Pia’s family introduction:

    3. Comment on Kathi’s digital footprint post:

    4. Reply to Saad Shafiq’s comment on Hanna’s post on studying abroad:

    5. Comment on Hanna’s post about studying abroad:

    6. comment on Sophie’s bucket list:

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